Worldwide, countries are struggling to manage the recurrent waves of COVID-19 infection. In an emergency scenario criminals have more opportunities for counterfeiting, with catastrophic consequences: this is the reason why AlpVision has decided to offer its mobile-based solution (the Cryptoglyph®) to protect COVID-19 medicines, for FREE.

The technology behind is amazingly simple, some invisible micro-holes (on the order of microns) are added on the varnish layer of packaging. The product authentication is done with an Android or IOS smartphone application.


The offer

AlpVision will provide for FREE the following services to selected partners:

  • Training on solution deployment
  • The Cryptoglyph® for one COVID-19 pharmaceutical product
  • Qualification and training for 1 folding box / label supplier
  • Lend/Access to quality control tool to printer during the pandemic
  • Custom iOS smartphone application
  • The ability to monitor each authentication activity with the web-based Brand Monitoring System (see below for details)

The constraints are:

  • The authentication is for internal users only, not on the public market
  • Partners in the initiative can secure one product free of charge until the COVID-19 pandemic is officially declared as finished by the WHO.
  • Existing customers are not eligible for a reduction of current licenses; however, no license increase will apply if the scope is extended to COVID-19 relevant products
  • All costs not directly occurring by AlpVision must be carried by the participant
  • There will be no obligation to publicly communicate the participation in the initiative

This offer was available between November 1st, 2020, and January 31st, 2021 and its partners can be selected at the full discretion of AlpVision.

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The Cryptoglyph technology

  • How it works

The integration of the Cryptoglyph® does not require special training. Moreover, the printing process and production speed are not impacted. Non-intrusive and totally invisible, this solution is integrated during the regular overprinting of varnish and the standard printing processes like flexography and rotogravure. Digitally encoded within the artwork and easily integrated into any existing blister, packaging or label printing process with no added production costs.


  •      Integration into the normal packaging production process

AlpVision will generate a bitmap to be integrated into the packaging artwork file. The electronic image is sent to the printer for creating the plates. The micro holes are automatically generated by the machine which create the plates like any other varnish-free area.

  •      Technology strengths

Among the key strengths of Cryptoglyph technology we can cite:

  • Invisible to the human eye
  • Impossible to copy
  • Keeps the existing normal manufacturing process (ink and varnish)
  • Well suited for high-speed production and at large volumes
  • Industrially proven solution, already protecting billions of products for big corporations (including top Pharma players) in the most disparate industrial sectors
  • Can be deployed easily across many printing suppliers
  • Resistant against scratching

After each authentication, the smartphone app will automatically send all data to a website for data analytics and tracking. This back-end system is called Brand Monitoring System – BMS and provides a lightweight, centralized, and real-time server which collects, prepares, and presents global authentication statistics. The brand owner can easily monitor the location, which product is being used, when it is being used and the authentication result


About AlpVision

With around 20 years of history, AlpVision is one of the leaders in the market of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Our covert solutions have the value of simplicity and user-friendliness, and are always detectable by a smartphone application.

Working largely within areas of pharmaceutical, governmental, automobile lubricant, tobacco, wine and spirits and precious metals, the solutions are applicable to a wide variety of items. These include packaging and labelling, plastic and molded or stamped products.

AlpVision is proud to own all the intellectual property of their products, with more than 80 patents and over 30 billion products protected per year. Moreover, the solutions have never been counterfeited. Our anti-counterfeiting solutions are commercialized worldwide under licensed agreement and can be fully customized.


About counterfeiting

The pharmaceutical industry ranks highly among the industries most effected by counterfeit products. During the pandemic, people have fallen victim to complex scams related to COVID-19, including fake vaccines and telephone phishing. There have been instances of the families of victims of the virus being called by criminals who then request payment to help sick relatives. These criminals then request information and payments by sending emails with malware links.

We must also ask ourselves: Why is brand protection important, especially in the pharmaceutical market? A good brand protection strategy can help reduce the costs induced by counterfeiting and can therefore be considered as an asset instead of as a cost. Secondly, it is now a legal requirement in many countries to fit pharmaceutical products with authentication technology. The implementation of the technology creates a safer product and market. More importantly, it allows consumers to buy products with confidence.

Several covert and overt anti-counterfeiting solutions are available. Some, such as a hologram, QR code, RFID chip or the Cryptoglyph®, can be applied on the packaging. Others, like the AlpVision Fingerprint can be applied to the product itself.

To find the best security feature, the brand owners must ask the right questions:

  • Should they protect the packaging or the product?
  • Which is better, a covert or an overt solution?
  • Is the authentication available for the customer or only for internal company use?
  • Would they like a track and trace or a block chain system included?
  • Finally, what can the company budget to protect its products?

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