AlpVision provides digital invisible anti-counterfeit and product authentication solutions to Forbes Global 2000 companies and currently protects and identify over 30 billion branded products across industries worldwide; we are a leader in the brand protection market. With AlpVision’s innovative brand protection technologies, brand owners can quickly uncover counterfeit consumer products and industrial goods.

What is brand protection? Brand protection englobes all efforts put in place by a company to ensure and control product authenticity. Brand protection also includes legal aspect and elements related to intellectual property and trademarks. All our solutions at AlpVision are technical and such, that they can be used when engaging in legal actions.


Brand Protection

THE Scope of AlpVision’s authentication solutions

AlpVision’s digital and invisible technologies integrate seamlessly into to any brand protection strategy to protect either the packaging or the products itself.

Packaging examples include cartons, labels, leaflets and blister packs. AlpVision’s brand protection solutions can be used to protect products like bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, imaging supplies, most plastic molded products, precious metals, car parts; in fact almost any manufactured product you can think of.

AlpVision authentication solutions are innovative and often make use of machine learning and help you to quickly spot brand abuse.


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Highly secure against copying

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Simple and low cost to implement

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Instant positive authentication


AlpVision Cryptoglyph is a digital invisible marking that is applied to printed products such as cartons, labels, and blister packs using regular visible ink or varnish and standard printing processes (offset, rotogravure, flexo, laser, inkjet, etc.).

Simple and industry proven, AlpVision Cryptoglyph protects billions of products across industries worldwide. It is commercialized under license agreements as an entirely customizable turnkey computerized system.

AlpVision’s Cryptoglyph technology is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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AlpVision Fingerprint is a unique and breakthrough covert anti-counterfeit solution that tracks and authenticates products. This solution applies to a wide variety of parts, such as molded bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, precious metals, watches, imaging supplies, and most plastic molded products available on the market today.

With no changes to the standard production practices, AlpVision Fingerprint technology leverages the intrinsic microscopic surface irregularities found on the products and uses these unique characteristics as the means of authentication (as opposed to adding safety features).


If you have a product that uses a track and trace system, for instance with QR codes, we can seamlessly add an extra digital protection layer. This layer is completely invisible – and can be added or removed without anyone noticing.

This will help you to identify when and where you may have counterfeiting problems in your supply chain – and to take action to fight counterfeit goods.

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Global markets require global mobile solutions as part of their brand protection strategy. AlpVision Brand Monitoring System – BMS is a server-based Web application that allows brand owners to perform online monitoring and product authentication, and thus strengthening the brand protection  value.

BMS can manage AlpVision’s digital solutions for product authentication (Cryptoglyph, Fingerprint), as well as other third-party product authentication and brand protection solutions, such as QR Codes, Bar Codes, two-dimensional matrix codes, or OCR.


AlpVision’s authentication process offers a highly secure encryption system, allowing you to receive real-time verification and counterfeit alerts from any part of the world.

With this online brand protection system you take control of your brand and products quickly and efficiently and help you to discover intellectual property infringements.

A fast and direct way to identify if and where you have challenges regarding counterfeit goods. Take control like never before.

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Which anti-counterfeit technology should I use for which packaging material?

AlpVision Cryptoglyph protects cartons, leaflets, labels, blister packs, and value documents. AlpVision Fingerprint protects mass produced objects manufactured by molding, such as bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, and imaging supplies, to name a few.

Can I use both AlpVision Cryptoglyph and AlpVision Fingerprint?

Combined, AlpVision’s Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint technologies provide double security, protecting packaged products or products that contain both printed and glass or plastic packaging materials. In addition, AlpVision’s anti-counterfeit solutions are compatible with other overt safety features, such as Bar Codes, two-dimensional matrix codes, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to name a few.

What is your recommendation in protecting primary vs. secondary packaging?
Ideally both (AlpVision Cryptoglyph on packaging or labeling; AlpVision Fingerprint on molded parts). If there are budget constraints, we recommend protecting the primary package or product itself.
How are AlpVision's solutions detected? Do I need special devices?
Unlike most anti-counterfeit technologies available on the market today, AlpVision’s Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint technologies do not require any adapted devices, but can be detected using a standard office scanner or smartphone.
Are AlpVision's solutions secure?
Invisible to the naked eye, AlpVision’s anti-counterfeit technologies are highly secure and are designed to defeat counterfeiters.
Can I use AlpVision's products for Track & Trace?
AlpVision’s anti-counterfeit technologies provide positive authentication, which not only helps confirm the authenticity of the product, but also increases the reliability of other safety features. While AlpVision Cryptoglyph cannot provide unique identification, this technology can generate information about the printed batch. While AlpVision Fingerprint cannot provide a complete track and trace system, this solution can identify the original mold cavity, help locate the equipment manufacturer and determine the approximate production date.
What are the strategic benefits in using a smartphone as a detection device?
In addition to providing instant positive authentication, AlpVision’s smartphone product authentication application allows brand owners to connect with and market directly to experts in the field, supply chain agents and consumers; to perform market studies; and to announce product releases and news, promotional discounts and upcoming events.
How secure is AlpVision's iPhone app?
Only a down sampled version of the Cryptoglyph is stored locally on the iPhone. This Cryptoglyph cannot be used to produce counterfeited packages, for example. For production software, Cryptoglyph patterns are stored using encryption methods and only the iPhone app knows how to decrypt the stored and encrypted data. Only by reverse-engineering the entire software can counterfeiters decrypt the Cryptoglyph file, but this is highly improbable, because the effort is disproportionate.
Is AlpVision's authentication application available for Android phones?
AlpVision’s product authentication application is available for the iPhone and most Android based smartphones. Other mobile operating systems available upon request.
What are the cons of using visible product protection?

Depending on the field, visual security features have multiple drawbacks. Here are a few:

  • Requires artwork update
  • As they are visible, they alert counterfeiters on what to work
  • In fields such as pharma, adding/changing/removing visible security features requires approval by a regulatory body
  • Once our have added a visible security feature to your products, it is delicate to remove it as customers may be used to seeing it and wonder if the updated product without the security feature is a counterfeit
  • Authentication of visible security features requires end-user training, which is not always easy
Why are AlpVision products easy to implement in the manufacturing process?
Our credo: do not change the productions process. This means that all our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing production processes, without requiring new hardware or special consumables. For your suppliers product production is therefore “business as usual” with no production slowdowns, no extra costs, no stability decrease, etc.
What other services does AlpVision provide?
As part of its standard services, AlpVision provides customer support, quality control tools, and staff training.
Is this all you have?
No, AlpVision also provides custom security features, designed for your specific needs. Contact us for more information.


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Brand Protection

“I’m so impressed at how easy this solution was to deploy. We have a huge inventory of Pharmaceutical products – and protection of our market is vital. The team at AlpVision understood our unique challenge from day one – and delivered exactly what we need. Amazing!”

Internationally operating pharmaceutical company

In close collaboration with AlpVision we developed an AI/ML model to support chemical process development.  The idea was to show our management the power of machine learning in bringing our company into the digital era, AlpVision provided as with tailor made solution. AlpVision demonstrated their expertise in the field and it was a real pleasure to collaborate with them.

– Project Manager
International Pharmaceutical Company

Excellent company to work with. Developed and implemented exactly as per customer requirements. A company that goes the extra distance to ensure they deliver a quality product and on going support.

– Head of product security
European registered pharmaceutical company

AlpVision consistently demonstrates a deep expertise in anti-counterfeiting technologies, but also their detailed understanding of implementation and various use scenarios. They are a true partner we have relied on to support our Anti-counterfeiting strategy and deployment over many years and also the years to come.

– Anti-counterfeiting manager
Multi Billion pharmaceutical company

AlpVision gave us the lead we needed when we were implementing our global anti-counterfeiting strategy. The collaboration with them was always very effective and solution-oriented. It is a pleasure to work with them.

– Manager Anti-counterfeiting Program
International Pharma Company