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Can QR codes be used to authenticate products?

Will your security feature age?

Is it worth it to place authentication features on your products?

What authentication feature do you have that can work with one billion products every year?

Are blockchain or NFT useful for authenticating a product?

Do patents matter when it comes to authentication features?

Can you trust your supplier?

Is your security feature user-friendly?

Does the inclusion of a security feature affect the manufacturing process?

Is it possible to have real-time counterfeit statistics system?

What are the criteria that make a security feature reliable?

Update Security Features

What are the requirements to make a security feature impossible to copy?

How can you select a good supplier of security solutions if you are a brand owner?

How to avoid pitfalls in the deployment of a security feature

Which materials can be used to carry the security features?

Should the security feature be checked by the consumer or the brand owner?

What are tamper-proof devices?

What is the fingerprint security feature?

Should the security feature be on the packaging or on the product itself?

What is the difference between serialization and authentication?

Are security features useful in preventing counterfeiting?

Can iPhones and Android phones check whether a product is genuine?

What are the best security features?

How to authenticate a product with a smartphone?

What are the different categories of anti-counterfeit features?

A disruptive approach for AI

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