The global counterfeit products market costs hundreds of billions of dollars to brands and the government. To combat this, AlpVision provides digital invisible anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions to Forbes Global 2000 companies and currently helps in the protection of over 30 billion branded products per year across industries across countries. Our digital invisible technologies can be applied to a variety of branded goods across a broad range of industries. In fact, we’re able to protect almost any object in the world.

Here are some key industries that trust AlpVision to keep them secure and fight counterfeit problems.

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Pharmaceutical brands have the biggest problem of securing their products due to the safety of consumer health and the regulation by law enforcement. Counterfeits often lack the required active ingredients in sufficient quantity, or worse, contain harmful ingredients. This gives the consumers a false sense of protection.

A recent report suggests that the brands in the United States are affected the most due to the infringement of intellectual property and trademarks. Hence, pharmaceutical brand owners need to adopt a foolproof anti-counterfeiting technology to help protect their brand as well as the consumers.

AlpVision’s patented security solutions help by integrating into your existing production process without any change. What’s more, your packaging can remain the same with no modifications in branding as AlpVision’s technology doesn’t leave any visible marking or contain any additional consumables.

Read our complete market study to learn more.

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According to a recent report, 11.6 percent of the global cigarette trade is estimated to be illicit. This translates to a loss of revenue of more than $40 billion yearly. In China alone, more than 400 billion counterfeit cigarettes are produced every year and exported to other countries.

This problem extends to other tobacco goods, too. A report by WHO estimates that 10 percent of globally consumed tobacco products and cigarettes are illegal. While the industry is heavily regulated by law enforcement in several countries, counterfeiters still find a way to carry out their trade.

This problem is because tobacco smuggling and counterfeiting is a low-risk and high-reward task for counterfeiters and illegal sellers. They either re-use the original packaging of the products or create a replica of the goods including minor details. This is why tobacco brands need to adopt anti-counterfeiting technology that goes beyond the outer markings like barcodes or holograms on the packaging.

AlpVision provides a covert solution that can be integrated into your current production process. The technology can’t be replicated by the counterfeiters – protecting your revenue, brand reputation, and consumer health.

Read our in-depth market study to learn more.


AlpVision currently protects millions of valuable documents worldwide from forgery, tampering, and counterfeiting. We protect a range of documents such as bank notes, bonds, trade agreements, international treaties, and much more.

What sets AlpVision apart in the field of document security is our ability to offer the printing industry a covert security solution that requires no special paper or ink. It can be integrated with your existing IT software and third party  applications including any document processing and automation tools.

You don’t need to invest in any hardware when applying our security feature, making it the most value-for-money solution in the market. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


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Tungsten-filled gold bars, fake coins, and even jewelry counterfeits –  the criminal energy of counterfeiters’ business is nearly without limits. The problem is growing with the increase in online sales on third party websites as consumers can’t check the quality of the fake items before they purchase. The counterfeiters pretend to be original sellers online, fooling innocent consumers.

Technical solutions to effectively protect precious metal products and goods are rare and difficult to implement. AlpVision’s Fingerprint is a game changer in this industry.

Without modifying the product or requiring specific production steps, Fingerprint protects precious metal products in a highly secure, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective way. Beyond product protection, the features also help to track and trace, certificates of origin, and more. Read our complete market study for more information.


A recent report finds that alcoholic beverages are the second most seized commodity due to intellectual property infringement and illicit trade. Legal departments like the United States HSI, INTERPOL, and Europol are always on the lookout for counterfeit dealings. But counterfeiters often find new ways, like producing unbranded low-cost alcoholic products to avoid trademark infringement. This results in the loss of revenue and reputation of legitimate brands.

In an effort to combat the rise of wine and liquor fraud, AlpVision offers the industry a patented security solution that requires no visible markings, no additional consumables, no special reading devices, and no changes to your original production process. Our Crytoglyph® technology is an invisible marking that can be applied to spirits aluminum closures and tin capsules using regular visible varnish and standard printing process.

Read our in-depth market study to learn more.

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Counterfeiting lubricants has become a lucrative business over the past few years. Refilling, copying, dilution, and even brand fraud are just a few of the problems encountered. The lubricant industry has woken up, realizing that counterfeit goods sold have a disastrous impact on brand image and value, as well as their consumers.

Modern ways to protect lubricants rely on the protection of the containers, such as bottles and barrels. AlpVision’s Fingerprint, Cryptoglyph, or a combination of both are ideal solutions to help protect the containers in a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and highly secure way.

Read our complete market study about lubricant counterfeiting.


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AlpVision’s digital invisible technologies can be used to protect any packaging or the product itself.

Packaging examples include cartons – not only for the pharma industry but also for:

We help in the protection of products like bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, imaging supplies, and most plastic molded products like cannabis vape pens, precious metals, batteries, car parts, casino chips, food supplements, and even shoes.

In fact, our solutions can be implemented to protect almost all manufactured products you can think of.

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    “Highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting products, presented by professionals! I’d like to work with the AlpVision Team all the time.”

    Head of Anti-Counterfeiting,
    International pharmaceutical company

    “In the field of security and the fight against counterfeits it is imperative to have a partner that is best in class, trustworthy and dedicated to constant improvement as well as customer service. Our experience to date is that AlpVision and its team excel on all these fronts.”

    – CEO
    Internationally operating production company

    In close collaboration with AlpVision we developed an AI/ML model to support chemical process development.  The idea was to show our management the power of machine learning in bringing our company into the digital era, AlpVision provided as with tailor made solution. AlpVision demonstrated their expertise in the field and it was a real pleasure to collaborate with them.

    – Project Manager
    International Pharmaceutical Company

    Faced with an unforeseen situation, AlpVision’s team of experts stepped in and provided excellent service, attention and expertise in quickly partnering with and qualifying a new ACF folding box printer in record time without disruption to supply.

    – Anti-Counterfeit Manager 
    Global Pharmaceutical Company

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