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AlpVision is the world’s leader in anti-counterfeiting digital technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection. In 2001, the company invented a breakthrough authentication technology, widely used today by Forbes 2000 companies. AlpVision reached profitability in 2003 and has grown steadily ever since. AlpVision’s digital anti-counterfeiting solutions for product authentication are applicable to a wide variety of items, including packaging and labelling, plastic and metal products, and high-value documents. Our anti-counterfeiting solutions are commercialized worldwide under license agreements as entirely customizable turnkey computerized systems.

One of our first fields of application was to provide anti-counterfeiting solutions to the pharmaceutical industry to help them spot counterfeit medicines and avoid public health issues. Driven by the anti-counterfeit strategies of stakeholders, the focus of our anti-counterfeit solution was secondary packaging.

The field of application has soon been extended to primary packaging and then to various different industries such as tobacco, precious metals and automotive lubricants. This in turn provides the best protection against counterfeiting. More about those fields of application can be read in

Starting in 2015, AlpVision extended its business activities by providing Artificial Intelligence based products to various fields. AlpVision has been using AI since the early days and we feel that our expertise in this field is of great use for application outside the anti-counterfeiting activity. Today AlpVision provides AI based anti-counterfeit solutions in fields such as chemistry, pharmaceutical drug development, quality control, image analysis and understanding, etc.


In fast growing mass markets, proliferation of counterfeit goods is high,
with potentially adverse impacts on both end-user’s health and corporate
performance. We aim to provide the most simple and effective digital anti-counterfeit
technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection.

What is anti counterfeiting?

Anti-counterfeiting methods are concepts, strategies, and technologies which help companies protect their products and brands from being counterfeited or copied. With the globalization of trade sales in counterfeit goods it is increasingly critical for medicines (that have an impact on public health) and other consumer goods to find solid anti-counterfeit strategies. This protects primarily the brand owner and their intellectual property, but more importantly, the consumer. To find out more about why brand protection is becoming increasingly important, please read our article on the subject and once you are convinced, you can find more information on how to protect your brand from being counterfeited here:

Founders and management team

AlpVision’s founders graduated from the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Both are recognized experts in the fields of digital signal processing, data security and computer sciences, and authors of many scientific publications. Together, they have laid the foundations of a company that develops innovative patented brand protection solutions as well as document security solutions. These solutions are entirely customizable and comply with large-scale industrialization requirements.

Fred Jordan - CEO of AlpVision SA - anti-counterfeit specialist

Dr. Fred Jordan, CEO

Dr. Fred Jordan is co-founder of AlpVision and has served as CEO since June 2001. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and patents and co-inventor of Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint, AlpVision’s core technologies. Dr. Jordan has extensive experience working in the United States and in France. In 1999, he received his PhD from the Swiss Technology Institute (EPFL) – Signal Processing Institute (ITS) in Lausanne.

Dr. Martin Kutter, President

Dr. Martin Kutter is co-founder of AlpVision and today serves as President and Chairman of the Board. He holds a PhD from the Swiss Technology Institute in Lausanne (EPFL) and a Master of Science from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA. For his PhD, Dr. Kutter received the “Best thesis award” in 2000. Dr. Kutter has published over 25 publications, including many books, and has filed numerous patents. Dr. Kutter has built his career on solid industrial experience and has earned an impressive scientific reputation. He is the co-inventor of Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint, AlpVision’s core technologies.

Martin Kutter - President of AlpVision SA - anti-counterfeit specialist


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    Career opportunities

    AlpVision SA is one of the worldwide leaders in the field of technologies for the authentication of counterfeit products, protecting over 30 billion of products every year worldwide. Our company headquarters is based in Vevey where is performed all R&D and commercial strategy. We cover China and the USA with two offices.

    The company is 14 people and the internal hierarchy is quite flat and flexible. It is still managed and owned by the 2 founders who launched it as a startup 18 years ago. The company is profitable, financially healthy and its performance has never been so high in its entire history. Most of our team is made from high education profiles (Master of sciences, Ph. D.).

    It is also important to underline that AlpVision is constantly exploring new innovations and commercial opportunities. In practice it means that the sales activity will not be restricted to our core field of authentication but will also target totally new directions like artificial intelligence ( or biotech ( Therefore, the assistant will be able to experience not only the marketing process of our already proven technologies but also learn the full journey from the most disruptive ideas to profitable business directly with people who have a successful 18 years track record doing so.

    We value the following:

    • Happy relationships between employees
    • Innovation
    • Pragmatism
    • Rigor
    • Honesty
    • Long term hiring of employees
    • Long term durability of the company

    These are not just nice corporate keywords but an everyday reality of what we actually do.

    current open positions

    Sales and Business Development, US – 19.2.2020 | 50% | Permanent

    We are looking for a highly motivated, self-driven sales and business development person. Based in the US, you will be in charge of selling AlpVision products and services in the US and The Americas. The activity incudes:

    • Identify and generate leads (calling, mailing, online, etc.)
    • Perform sales related activities
    • Represent AlpVision at events and give presentations
    • Visit customer and prospects
    • Key account management
    • Support Activities

    The minimum profile is:

    • Proven sales experience for technical products
    • Knowledge of IT (servers, iPhone, Android), printing technologies (offset, flexo, …)
    • Willingness to travel

    Candidates are invited to carefully check that they match the minimum profile and write an English cover letter explaining why they would be happy to work at AlpVision. Submissions without this motivation letter will be rejected. Please send your application to avjobs-20 [at]