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Selecting an Anti-counterfeiting technology
Today, there are a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies available on the market. Understandably, it has become difficult to compare one to the other as they may be totally different and may be adapted for different scopes.

We have therefore compiled in a white paper the essential information needed when choosing an anti-counterfeiting technology:

  • What is the problem? – where is the PAIN: A common set of questions all our customers who have successfully implemented an anti-counterfeiting strategy have answers to.
  • Scope of the anti-counterfeiting technology: define all boundaries from usage to technique
  • Questions to ask to your potential suppliers: the technology provider will be your partner for many years; therefore, it is important to select your partner carefully.
  • Overview of AlpVision technology: we value your time; therefore, this may help you to decide whether more information is needed or if the technology does not match your requirements.

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