This is certain – a reliable serialization technology product tracking is needed.

The control of distribution channel is necessary to avoid profit losses and brand reputation damages caused by product diversion. This is not easy, because anyone involved in diverted distribution has interest in removing or modifying the original serialization tags which can be used for product tracking.

Therefore to ensure a reliable control, product tracking technologies used must be as hard as possible to remove or modify. Below we explain how to achieve this.


How reliable track and trace can be achieved?

AlpVision offers product tracking with invisible, non-erasable codes, variable Cryptoglyph®. This is an extension of our remarkably successful anti-counterfeit technology which already protects over 30 billion product items worldwide.

Invisible serialization and product tracking technology, variable Cryptoglyph®, allows for unique non-erasable marking of each product. The marking is easy to decode at any stage of the distribution channel without the need to ship the suspicious product for analysis.

The invisibility and non-erasability of Cryptoglyph ® codes allow brand holders to keep an eye on their product distribution. Cryptoglyph ® is a reliable tool to obtain a clear picture of how your products are distributed, avoiding the interference of third parties in your product tracking system.


A little bit of history…

Cryptoglyph® technology is used for almost 20 years. It is based on unique codes which are printed on the package or directly on the product. It does not require any specific hardware or consumable for production. The marking is invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected with standard office equipment. This is possible, using our patented image analysis technologies which reliably determine the presence of the correct pattern.


What is new in variable Cryptoglyph®?

To allow secure product tracking along the distribution channel, we developed our technology to allow generation of (up to 850 million) unique serial codes.

In this way, using the same principles as for our authentication technology: invisible codes detectable with image analysis algorithm, we extended our product to cover this new application: secure track and trace. Putting this into practice uses digital printers or laser engraving.


What are the key advantages of using Cryptoglyph® technology?

  1. Invisibility

We print on each product a serialization pattern made of thousands of small dots of a standard ink or varnish which is invisible to the naked eye.

Should you control your distribution channels with invisible serialization? 1


  1. Easy detection

Detection is based on an image of the product automatically analysed by our algorithm.

Should you control your distribution channels with invisible serialization? 2


  1. Durability

The Cryptoglyph ® is highly redundant and only a fragment of the invisible marking pattern is sufficient for detection. Therefore, the information cannot be removed without damaging the package.

Should you control your distribution channels with invisible serialization? 3


  1. Customisation to your specific needs

The unique invisible marking on your product can be linked to any specific information, such as: retailer ID, country of intended distribution, etc.

Should you control your distribution channels with invisible serialization? 4


  1. Connected to a centralised database

Deployment of variable Cryptoglyph ® on your products will provide you with our easy-to-use web application: Brand Monitoring System “BMS” in order to obtain data related to your product distribution which can be visualised and summarized in a central database.

Should you control your distribution channels with invisible serialization? 5


This is a great option to get more clarity and control over your distribution channels. If you want to see how variable Cryptoglyph® can be deployed on your specific product, we will be happy to discuss this with you!


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