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Scratch Off Codes

What is it?

A unique ID is printed on each box and covered with a coating that can be peeled off.


How do you detect it?

You scratch off the coating and send the unique ID by SMS to the phone number also printed on the box. A SMS is sent back to say if the product is authentic. This obviously works also with a variable QR-code read by a smartphone and sent to a website. 


How does it work?

Each time a code is sent to the server (SMS or Internet site) for control, its legitimacy is checked and it is marked as “used.” So, if a counterfeit is manufactured with a wrong code or with a copied code, it will return as “fake.”


What do we think about this technology?

This technology is one of the few that is digital but will still work with any smartphone of any generation, for instance just using SMS. However, it has several drawbacks: it is rather complex to deploy (a scratch code and variable printing are required), it requires connectivity, and worst of all it is not reliable. Indeed, if a control is performed a second time on a genuine product, it will be indicated as fake. Conversely, if a counterfeit uses a code that has not yet been used, the system will consider it as genuine. Finally, cases have been reported where counterfeiters just added their own SMS phone number, which always answered “authentic.” In practice, from a reliability, deployment and user-friendliness point of view, it is much more effective to simply print a Cryptoglyph®.


Field of application

All types of carton boxes.

scratch off codes
Application Security

Scratch Off Codes

Overt Covert Semi-Covert
Printed Stick/Glue
High Medium Low
High Medium Low
High Medium Low
High Medium Low
High Medium Low
High Medium Low
Company Internal Law Enforcement Consumers


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    Brand Protection

    “I’m so impressed at how easy this solution was to deploy. We have a huge inventory of Pharmaceutical products – and protection of our market is vital. The team at AlpVision understood our unique challenge from day one – and delivered exactly what we need. Amazing!”

    – CEO
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    – Project Manager
    International Pharmaceutical Company

    Excellent company to work with. Developed and implemented exactly as per customer requirements. A company that goes the extra distance to ensure they deliver a quality product and on going support.

    – Head of product security
    European registered pharmaceutical company

    AlpVision consistently demonstrates a deep expertise in anti-counterfeiting technologies, but also their detailed understanding of implementation and various use scenarios. They are a true partner we have relied on to support our Anti-counterfeiting strategy and deployment over many years and also the years to come.

    – Anti-counterfeiting manager
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    – Manager Anti-counterfeiting Program
    International Pharma Company

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