On June 25th, 2019, AlpVision was granted one more patent in the United States. The patent with number US 10,332,247 B2 is entitled “Means for using microstructure of materials surface to protect as a unique identifier” completes our patent portfolio relating to AlpVision’s Fingerprint technology, a unique and  breakthrough covert anti-counterfeit solution that tracks and authenticates mass produced objects manufactured by processes such as molding, casting, stamping, rolling, and tooling. The solution applies to a wide variety of molded parts, including bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, imaging supplies, most plastic molded products available on the market today and even watches. Easy to implement, highly secure and cost effective, AlpVision fingerprint is perfectly in line with AlpVision’s goal to supply customers with solutions that just work. The new US patent can be consulted online.

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