Two more media articles covered AlpVision solutions during the month of September 2020. The September issue of Bilan, a French language Swiss publication that has been reporting on the Swiss economy for the past 30 years, has published an article focusing on our company in their innovation section. The writing highlights AlpVision’s breakthrough solution in authenticating precious metal products, such as gold bars and minted coins, with a smartphone. The authentication concept is based on AlpVision Fingerprint, a signal-processing based technology exploiting inherent irregularities of the product surface. In an article published in the September issue of “Neue Verpackung”, the author Philip Bittermann goes into details of the AlpVision Cryptoglpyh, our authentication solutions for printed products, such a folding boxes and labels. The German article gives packaging professionals a perfect introduction into the vast field of anticounterfeiting technologies and ways to protect standard products, such as pharmaceutical folding boxes, against illegal duplication. This is done without visually impacting the graphical layout. The article can be read online here.

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