Spirits are a market for anti-counterfeiting solutions because those bottles can be expensive, and counterfeits are more likely to be dangerous for consumers than wine. Indeed, spirits have a much higher percentage of alcohol, and when counterfeiters use methanol instead of ethanol, it can lead to blindness or even death, as many cases have already been reported. Counterfeit spirit bottles are often made by refilling genuine bottles, so the counterfeit solution has to be tamperproof. For this reason, we print Cryptoglyph on the capsules of bottles since capsules are usually destroyed upon opening. We have successfully addressed the challenge of detecting Cryptoglyph despite the various geometrical distortions created by its fitting on the bottle. We have already protected millions of bottles and are pleased to report that more and more spirit brands are considering deploying Cryptoglyph technology on their polylam and tin capsules.


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