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Product Fingerprint (unique)


How do you detect it?

A product Fingerprint (or Unique Fingerprint) requires an imaging device and a computing device to acquire an image of each product item and to compare it to the reference fingerprint. In some cases, smartphones can be used to do so.


How does it work?

To protect a product with a fingerprint, an imaging system acquires an image of the product and/or its surface. This fingerprint image is then processed and stored in a database as the fingerprint reference. During authentication, an image is taken of the product under investigation. The image is again processed and then compared to the reference stored in the template. A similarity metric is in general used to determine if the product is authentic or not.


What do we think about this technology?

This approach is theoretically optimal in many ways, since it is practically impossible to counterfeit, does not impact the product in any way and can be authenticated using smartphones. However, its implementation is challenging at large scale, since it requires taking individual pictures of each item in real time, knowing that any problem will slow down or even stop production. Moreover, authentication requires connectivity and can be extremely slow, since each item needs to be looked up in a vast collection of images. Faster detection can nevertheless be achieved if complementary information is also printed on the box. However, that adds yet another layer of complexity and makes it even less suitable for real-world deployment scenarios (all the ones we know have failed). If serialization is needed, then nothing beats a simple variable QR code printed in ink or laser-engraved.

In addition, if an authentication feature is required, you can supplement the QR code with an AlpVision Fingerprint® or a Cryptoglyph®. AlpVision provides software solutions to integrate serialization and authentication methods.


This technologie is well suited to fight against gray market.


Field of application

Manufactured products, packaging, luxury goods and organic materials.

Product Fingerprint
Application Security

Product Fingerprint (unique)

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    Brand Protection

    “I’m so impressed at how easy this solution was to deploy. We have a huge inventory of Pharmaceutical products – and protection of our market is vital. The team at AlpVision understood our unique challenge from day one – and delivered exactly what we need. Amazing!”

    – CEO
    Internationally operating pharmaceutical company

    In close collaboration with AlpVision we developed an AI/ML model to support chemical process development.  The idea was to show our management the power of machine learning in bringing our company into the digital era, AlpVision provided as with tailor made solution. AlpVision demonstrated their expertise in the field and it was a real pleasure to collaborate with them.

    – Project Manager
    International Pharmaceutical Company

    Excellent company to work with. Developed and implemented exactly as per customer requirements. A company that goes the extra distance to ensure they deliver a quality product and on going support.

    – Head of product security
    European registered pharmaceutical company

    AlpVision consistently demonstrates a deep expertise in anti-counterfeiting technologies, but also their detailed understanding of implementation and various use scenarios. They are a true partner we have relied on to support our Anti-counterfeiting strategy and deployment over many years and also the years to come.

    – Anti-counterfeiting manager
    Multi Billion pharmaceutical company

    AlpVision gave us the lead we needed when we were implementing our global anti-counterfeiting strategy. The collaboration with them was always very effective and solution-oriented. It is a pleasure to work with them.

    – Manager Anti-counterfeiting Program
    International Pharma Company

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