Smart Embossing is a totally new security technology dedicated to product authentication by consumers. This new solution builds on the key features of our current offerings: user friendliness, security, simple deployment and affordability. It utilizes unique, patented, image processing technology to reproduce and authenticate a 3D security pattern on a metalized surface. It is both an overt feature that can be recognized at a glance by a consumer with no training or special equipment and a secure feature that can be authenticated instantly using a dedicated smartphone application requiring no network connection. Since the authentication relies on the digital re-creation of the 3D topography of the imprinted pattern, it is impossible to duplicate the feature using any two-dimensional copy technology. This 3D topography is reproduced in the smartphone application and compared to that of an authentic product. Smart Embossing can be applied to the protected product as a label stuck to the product or it can be integrated directly into the packaging of the protected item.

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