AlpVision, a world leader in digital solutions for product authentication, is releasing ScanHelper, a standalone Microsoft Windows computer program that allows brand owners to easily scan AlpVision-secured packaging and products using a standard flatbed scanner. Unlike other third-party scanner software, ScanHelper is a simple, fully-integrated scanning software that does not require any special user training. Simply place the suspect packaging or product on the scanner and click the Preview button. Click on the desired scan location and hit the Scan button. AlpVision’s ScanHelper will then generate a scanned image that can be sent via email to the authentication officer or uploaded to KrypsosT, AlpVision’s web application for easy online authentication. User-friendly, efficient and foolproof, AlpVision’s ScanHelper can be downloaded and run on any existing PC installed with Windows XP or a later version. For questions or pricing information, please contact us.

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