We are happy to announce the granting of a new patent, US11,989,961. It protects a new technology that we have recently implemented in some of our smartphone apps. The main usage of our apps is typically to tell the user if a product is genuine. However, it is much more challenging to instantly detect that a product is a fake. Indeed, in order to achieve this, the app must be able to identify a detection that failed because of bad image quality rather than because the product is fake. What we developed is therefore an approach that can automatically assess the image quality (which includes many parameters like lighting, focus, orientation, distance, etc.): our app uses this new capability to tell that a product is fake when detection fails despite good image quality. This computation is performed in real-time using artificial intelligence, which is trained using pictures taken with a robot at our premises. The result for the customer is the detection of counterfeits in just a few seconds!


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