Following are two news item directly from our office in Shanghai, China:

  • The China National Intellectual Property Administration has granted AlpVision’s patent application. This solution is a visible 3D authentication solution which is very inexpensive to manufacture, extremely hard to duplicate, and easy to detect with a smartphone app. The combination of these three features was particularly challenging to achieve, but this is what our customers want, and smart embossing is the solution.
  • AlpVision will present its anti-counterfeiting solutions to the 11th International Alcoholic Beverages Expo on September 9 in China, Guiyang. Indeed, we have developed solutions that are specific to this industry. For instance, the varnish Cryptoglyph printed on the tin capsules costs almost nothing to manufacture and is destroyed upon opening the bottle. We also use the AlpVision Fingerprint technology on plastic caps which has no implementation cost at all for the brand owner.


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