It is with great pleasure that we invite you to visit our new website dedicated to Cryptoglyph, our flagship anticounterfeit technology for the protection of printed products and documents. Cryptoglyph’s story started in 2001 when Dr. Fred Jordan and Dr. Martin Kutter took the theoretical fundamentals of their digital watermarking solution and invented a new concept for the protection of printed products. From the very beginning on the Cryptoglyph created a lot of interest in different fields and for different applications. It is interesting to note that initially the Cryptoglyph was only used on documents but after some years moved into brand protection. Currently the Cryptoglyph has evolved from yellow dots printed with inkjet into a security feature suitable for deployment on industrial highspeed printing machines and has protected hundreds of billions of products worldwide. Thus, in 2018 it is high time for us to showcase the Cryptoglyph on its own online platform. Check it out: .

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