AlpVision has been accredited by the LBMA Gold Bar Integrity (GBI), an international independent authority for precious metals. This accreditation confirms the cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technologies of AlpVision, allowing us to partner with major players across the global precious metals industry. AlpVision’s patented covert technology, AlpVision Fingerprint, uses a product’s surface to verify its authenticity with a smartphone app. It can be integrated into manufacturing processes with no additional cost and can last for a gold  bar’s entire lifecycle. It’s easy to deploy and can authenticate millions of products. Additionally, we provide a Brand Monitoring System for precious metal products to monitor cases of counterfeit items in real time. Our solutions are marketed worldwide under license agreements and turnkey IT systems, and a specific smartphone app is available for free to users. As an example, you may want to check out Veriscan.

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