2020 was a year in which AlpVision had to explore a whole new set of unexpected and even weird challenges, and all this while doing business as usual. The result of 10 racking months was overall very positive, with new customers, some small technical breakthroughs, new patents, and even lots of fun. How will the year 2020 be remembered? Well, here is a list of keywords coming from our employees: home office, zoom, docusign, virtual events, lonely, worry, fortitude, gratitude, unpredictable, unexpected, simply difficult, exultation, tenacity, lucidity, we-can’t-hear-you, VPN, mask, flexibility, resilience, skype, lockdown, teamwork, insecurity, isolation, uncertainty, slow, solitude, challenging, different, changing, remote, synchronized, DIY prototyping, inventive, teams, side road thinking, and disciplined. It is amazing to see how the world and humans adapt to changing environments and we at AlpVision are looking forward to a shining 2021!

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