Edited by Yashwant Pathak Ph.D., Chair and Professor at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, at the CRC Press, ISBN 9781439823682, Handbook of nutraceuticals Volume II (newly edited on May 16, 2011) describes various processes used in nutraceutical manufacturing. As for pharmaceutical products, branded nutraceuticals which are becoming more and more popular, are also targets for counterfeiters. AlpVision is very proud to have been selected as a contributor to this handbook in describing (pp. 541 – 546, Chapter 21) why anti-counterfeiting and traceability are different problems, requiring different solutions. On the one hand, traceability needs standardization and interoperability amongst the various manufacturers and the intervening third parties within the supply chain up to the retail point; on the other hand, anti-counterfeiting features, especially those invisible to the naked eye or covert ones, need secrecy and confidentiality. They should be constantly kept in pace with the technological advances of the counterfeiters.

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