Authentication using human fingerprints has been prevalent for years, and the technology for fingerprint readers has evolved significantly to enhance security. A similar evolution is observable in the realm of product fingerprints. Modern technologies are not only based on contrast but also utilize information related to three-dimensional structures. One method used to create counterfeit products involves replicating the surface structure. Although not straightforward, this is often perceived as a vulnerability. AlpVision encountered such challenges a few years ago with the release of AlpVision SmartEmbossing. This technology involved embossing a 3-D pattern and detecting it with a mobile phone using images from two different positions. To fortify SmartEmbossing, AlpVision patented various approaches in EP 3 374 975 B1. For example, one approach outlined in the patent involves using a varnish layer on top of the SmartEmbossing to smooth the surface. Similar concepts have been successfully applied to AlpVision Fingerprint in our latest technology upgrades, enhancing its security. AlpVision Fingerprint has become a unique and reliable technology, securely deployed on millions of products.


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