AlpVision is proud to announce the first roll out of a Cryptoglyph-based product authentication and printing quality control system using the iPhone. As a reminder, AlpVision Cryptoglyph is an invisible pattern applied to packaging using regular overprint varnish and is detectable using an iPhone. To deploy this innovative system, a regular iPhone is equipped with two different applications. While the first app performs a detection of the pattern and instantly verifies its authenticity, the second one checks the quality of the printed Cryptoglyph. This two-app system provides printers with a means to perform quality control and product authentication of printed sheets in real time during production. Relying entirely on smartphones enables brand owners and printers alike to simplify and speed-up all steps of the Cryptoglyph implementation and deployment. It also reflects our customers’ primary objective: “make it simple. Over 10 Billion Products Protected a Year. Founded in 2001, AlpVision initially focused on using digital imaging for document security. Although document protection was a promising field of activity, we turned our attention to the world of brand protection, quickly realizing that our Cryptoglyph security feature was the ideal candidate for protecting high volume products against counterfeiting. Since releasing the Cryptoglyph in the field of brand protection in 2003, AlpVision has been supplying customers all over the world with an effective and easily deployable product authentication solution. The annual number of products protected by Cryptoglyph is a good measure of our success, reaching today over 10 billion a year. This steady development not only confirms the relevance of our solutions to the field of brand protection, but also underlines AlpVision’s capability to adapt and respond to ever-changing market needs.

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