The AlpVision Fingerprint technology is an authentication solution that uses the micro-defects naturally occurring during the manufacturing process of products for instance the texture of molded plastic caps. This technology is interesting because it has no impact on the production process. However, customers often enquire about the robustness of this technique, in particular about its reliability in case of wear and tear. For this reason, we decided to perform a thorough testing process. In particular, we tested plastic caps with UVC exposure similar to 75 days of sunlight, storage  at extreme temperatures ranging from -80C for 90 hours to 80C for 6 hours, tumbling caps against themselves for over 6 hours at 30 RPM, calibrated dusting, calibrated hand manipulation, scratching and abrasion them with sandpaper, tinted and sketching them. The result was that none of those alterations had any significant impact and the smartphone authentication still performed well.

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