After 20 years of existence, Apple has decided to go “end of life” with their iconic iPod. The original iPod was introduced as a portable music player back in 2001. From there, it has undergone an amazing evolution. Starting with the introduction of the iPod touch in 2007, the iPod was more like an iPhone without a phone than a pure music player.

Why is this topic important for AlpVision? We have been using iPod touch devices as quality control tools at suppliers. At a cost of Fr. 220, the iPod touch is unbeatable considering its great camera, fine optics, and impressive computing power. Several hundred iPod touch devices are currently being used around the world to control the quality of products protected with AlpVision Fingerprint and Cryptoglyph.

According to Apple, “iPod touch will be available while supplies last,” which is good. We also have a significant number of devices in stock to serve our clients in the short term. For long-term replacement, there are different options, such as the iPhone SE and even android-based substitutes. We will keep our customers informed about their best options.


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