Established in 1988 by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG), World Anti-Counterfeiting Day gives us a chance to show you how you can help combat counterfeiting.

Tips for Brand Owners

AlpVision’s product authentication and counterfeit protection solutions are developed with your existing operations and facilities in mind, and customized to meet your unique anti-counterfeiting needs. As our digital authentication solutions require no visible markings, no additional consumables, no special reading devices, and no changes to the production process, they are designed to seamlessly integrate your existing production lines and have the best security to price ratio on the market. Contact us at to request free information.

Tips for Customs Officers

AlpVision’s instant authentication application is now integrated into WCO’s Interface Public-Members (IPM) tool. Using IPM’s application, simply scan the barcode and if the product is secured by AlpVision, IPM automatically launches AlpVision’s authentication application, allowing you to instantly verify the authenticity of a product. Email us at to learn more.

Tips for Consumers

While our instant authentication solutions are not currently available for consumers, our product authentication and anti-counterfeit technologies are designed with you in mind, using only everyday consumer electronics, like office scanners and smartphones, to perform product verifications. Post a note of support recognizing our efforts to Twitter: On World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, we support @AlpVision’s simple, high-security product #authentication solutions. #anticounterfeiting

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