Established in 1988 by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG), World Anti-Counterfeiting Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the international costs of counterfeiting and piracy. On this day, AlpVision would like to call attention to the economic, social and, too often, adverse health and safety effects posed by counterfeiting. According to the International Intelligence Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce, counterfeiting accounts for between 5 – 7% of world trade, worth an estimated $600 billion a year. The problem with counterfeit products has become even more pressing with the ability to purchase goods through the Internet and because of the high profit and the relative low risk margin (Source: World Intellectual Property Organization). Since 2001, AlpVision has been doing its share to combat this growing phenomenon. Simple and industry-proven, AlpVision’s cost-effective, high-security digital authentication solutions protect billions of branded products and packaging worldwide in the pharmaceutical, oil & gas, tobacco & spirits, and electromechanical industries, to name a few. Unlike other anti-counterfeit solutions available on the market today, AlpVision’s invisible anti-counterfeit technologies require no additional consumables or changes to the production process and leverage everyday consumer electronics, such as scanners and smartphones, to detect fake branded items. On World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, AlpVision encourages brand owners and consumers alike to take this problem seriously. For more information on AlpVision’s digital authentication solutions, please contact us.

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