Join us for the inaugural session of our “AlpVision Essentials” webinar series, centered on crucial brand protection issues. Our opening session, titled “Navigating the EU’s Digital Product Passport (DPP),” aims to prepare brands for the upcoming EU mandates on digital product identification. By 2030, as part of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the majority of consumer products circulating the EU market are required to feature a digital footprint. This initiative is designed to enhance transparency regarding product sustainability, origin, composition, and recycling information, thereby empowering both consumers and businesses to make informed decisions regarding their consumption habits.

The webinar will offer guidance on adapting to these new regulations while maximizing the value of your Digital Product Passport. We are thrilled to feature insights from our own experts, Dr. Fred Jordan and Dr. Martin Kutter of AlpVision. Additionally, we will be joined by industry professionals Grainne Lynch, IBM Consulting’s supply chain sustainability lead, and Thomas Roedding, founder of Narravero and CEN member. They will explore the implications of the DPP across various sectors, particularly luxury goods, and offer tactics for its successful adoption. Discover the critical role of the DPP in fostering ethical consumption and facilitating the circular economy. This session is essential for anyone seeking to harness the power of the DPP for product authentication and enhancing consumer engagement.

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