Download the Whitepaper: Navigating the eu digital product passport (DPP)

As the European Union rolls out its Digital Product Passport (DPP) requirements, businesses must adapt for sustainability and transparency. Deciphering these regulations and planning for supply chain adjustments can be challenging.

In this essential guide, AlpVision provides insights into understanding and implementing the DPP. Discover how the DPP will impact your brand, along with reliable solutions for compliance, sustainability, authenticity, and consumer engagement.

Navigating EU DPP

We’ll address the following:

  • What is the DPP, its applicability, and compliance timelines?
  • Exploring the DPP’s role in the EU’s sustainability goals.
  • The types of standardized information required.
  • The implications for companies operating outside EU member countries.
  • Battery-specific requirements within the DPP framework.
  • France’s established guidelines for various product categories.
  • Strategies to maximize DPP value and enhance consumer relationships.
  • Planning and implementing steps for DPP integration.
  • Required technologies for internal implementation and digital product connectivity.
  • AlpVision’s potential role in facilitating DPP integration for your company.

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